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Relaxing in Pool


Healthy, moisturized skin is an essential element in the development and maintenance of any tan, but more so if you tan indoors.

If you allow your skin to dehydrate, the flaky top layer will actually reflect UV light from the tanning lamps, away from you.

Moist skin allows the full spectrum of light to penetrate easily, allowing for as much as a 30% deeper, darker, and longer lasting tan.

Moisturizing daily helps to keep your skin soft and supple so you achieve a better tan. Drinking lots of water will also help.

While there are many lotions of varying quality and effectiveness on the market, we carry only the professional products we have tested, and truly believe in.

Tanning happens when melanin production is stimulated either by natural or manufactured UV light, but it can take several days after exposure, to fully develop visually.

Indoor Tanning Lotions when properly chosen and applied, can speed up the tan process, and make the colour last longer.

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