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Tanning FAQ's

How many sessions does it take to get, and maintain a UV tan?

Every skin type is different, but the majority of people see colour change after 2-3 sessions, and have a great base tan after 8-10 sessions.

To keep your colour…..tanning once or twice a week, can maintain your tan for as long as you wish


Isn’t UV Tanning bad for me?

Many in the medical profession now believe that moderate UV exposure, for those who can develop a tan, is the best way to maximize the benefits, while minimizing the risks of either too little, or too much sun. Heredity, skin type, and other factors, also determine your ability to tan.

New research on breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer, shows that regular UV exposure, (which produces Vitamin D) may play a key part in preventing the onset, or retarding the growth of these deadly diseases.

97% of Canadians are Vitamin D deficient mainly because of our geographical position and our mislead practices of total sun avoidance.

How hygienic is your tanning salon?

Proper cleanliness and hygiene at Salty Manes is of paramount importance to us. We know how vital it is for your comfort level, so we make sure we sanitize all surfaces with hospital strength germicidal cleaner, after each use.

Can I have a UV tan if I’m pregnant?

Tanning while pregnant, in limited doses, is permissible by some doctors provided all precautions are taken not to over heat your body. We strongly recommend you consult your physician, before UV tanning.

What do I wear during a UV tanning session?

You can wear whatever you want. Most people tan naked, in a bathing suit, or underwear. Keep in mind that covered areas will develop tan lines.

If you’re tanning naked for the first time, be advised that areas never exposed to the sun will be more sensitive. Start with shorter sessions, to protect these areas from burning.

Can UV exposure help with Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD?

Light therapy is sometimes used by doctor’s to treat patients that suffer from SAD, caused by a lack of sunlight, mainly in winter months, but consult your physician first, before using tanning beds as treatment

Can tanning beds help with eczema and psoriasis?

UVB can be used in combination with topical creams as a prescribed treatment for some forms of eczema and psoriasis. One form of eczema however, is photo sensitive and can greatly worsen with UV exposure.

We strongly recommend you consult your physician before using tanning beds as UV therapy. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor, often they will permit moderate to light exposure from UV tanning beds, for the relief of certain skin conditions.


Should I shower before or after tanning?

Remove Your Makeup and Deodorant

Another useful indoor tanning tip is to remove any sign of makeup or deodorant on your skin. Makeup and deodorant have sun protection, which shields your skin from UV rays. If you want to maximize the process, make sure the UV rays reach all areas of your skin including the armpits.


Can I tan if I'm under 18?

It is illegal to tan under the age of 18 without a prescription.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 778-353-2244
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